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Welcome to Busy Books Australia where kids learn through fun and play.

Busy Books Australia is dedicated to changing the way our youngest generation learns and raising our education level and standard.

Busy Books are a fantastic learning tool for toddlers and young children with a wide range of skills and abilities, including those with learning and sensory challenges.

Busy Books Australia offers you the choice of pre made quality, educational, ready to use printed Busy Books for the busy family, and downloadable short activities and whole Busy Books for those who love to get creative. 

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Helps improve fine motor skills, cognitive development and problem solving skills

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What People Say

"Kasiymah gets so proud of herself every time she completes a page from her beloved Busy Book. I don't even have the words for how proud I am of her and her love for learning already"

- Chelsey, Mum of two

"Our Busy Books have been a huge game changer since we received them 6 weeks ago! In this short time we've seen so much positive change in our 4yo James - improvement in concentration, problem solving skills, recognition of both upper and lower case letters and their sounds, even grip strength and stability with the pen."

- Amy, Mum of two

"As a teacher this is always an activity that I thought id set up myself for my girls but I have never had the time. The books are great with all the pieces numbered so you know which page they belong too and a really sticky Velcro so they don't fall out. They are such a great activity to have when your out and about to keep the kids occupied!  Highly recommended!!!"

- Gemma, Mum of two and teacher