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Busy Books Australia offers you the choice of pre made quality, educational printed Busy Books for the Busy family, ready for countless hours of learning, delivered to your door.

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Busy Books Australia is dedicated to changing the way our youngest generation learns, and raising the education level and standard.To help fulfill this Mission, we created the Busy Books Australia VIP Group, where members gain access to our panel of expert Occupational Therapists, Speech Therapists and Early Childhood Educators.Our experts assist our VIP members who are on waitlists and provide tips and tricks to show you how to get the most out of your Busy Books.

Emily Hanlon

Psychologist, NSW

Kids Care Collective

The Speech Room & The Move Room, NZ

The Speech Room &The Move Room

The Speech Room & The Move Room, NZ

Angie Haywood

Angie Haywood, Early Childhood Educator, VIC

Abigail Spanner

Abigail Spanner, Occupational Therapist, QLD

Anneka Barritt

Anneka Barritt, Early Childhood Educator, New Zealand

Sam Rowntree

Sam Rowntree Speech Therapist, NSW

Ariella Lew

Ariella Lew Paediactric Nurse, VIC

Busy Books Australia

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Vision Statement

Busy Books Australia’s vision is to be the leading educational and therapeutic resource for professionals, parents and carers of children of all ages and abilities.

Mission Statement

Busy Books Australia mission is to empower children of all ages and abilities to foster a strong, fun relationship with learning that lasts a lifetime.


We empower parents and children through quality products, services, reliability and innovation


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What Our Happy Parents and Therapists Are Saying About Busy Books

“I have just received my order and I wanted to say THANKYOU. As a teacher I am always looking for ways to extend and build on my own daughters current understandings. Within minutes of opening she had snatched the first book and sat for 40 minutes completing page after page. Within 5 minutes these books have given me a great understanding of where she is with her understandings and I can’t believe how eager she is to learn! I’m beginning to think her “challenging behaviour” recently could be due to me not challenging her! Thank you for an incredibly beautifully presented, great quality tool which I can use at home and in the classroom!”

Stacey B

“The Alphabet, numbers and writing busy book has been great for my daughter. I highly recommend this book especially for a child getting ready for Kindergarten. She really enjoys the content within the book. We sit together and talk about the sounds of the letters which gives her the confidence to complete it. She loves the velcro pieces and talking about each picture. Thank you Busy Books Australia for creating a book to assist my preschooler in her learning and getting ready for Kindergarten.”


“Thank you so much for the wonderful tool you have created!Jett (3.5yrs) has speech and sensory/fine motor skill delay and over the last few weeks having the books, we have seen him engage and focus like never before! He is a very smart kid, just sometimes cant express himself, so seeing him smash his way through all the letters and numbers with such enthusiasm is so beautiful! He gets so excited when we bring the book out, he is happy sitting and working away on his own, then shouts out with joy “Look Mumma, I’ve done it!!! “Little brother Bohdi (21 months) loves to get in on the action too! He is an old pro at the colour matching games and shape sorting, calling out “Oval” “Diamond” as he finds their spot on the page!! It’s incredible seeing his little mind ticking along!”

Renee D

“I love the busy books as a mum of toddlers and as a speech pathologist for a few reasons – it has images that are bright and simple for little learners to recognise, it makes matching, colours, counting, letter sounds and early writing fun. It’s also adaptable for whatever goals you are targeting – can be used for turn taking, requesting and other areas of receptive and expressive language development. It’s also compact and easy to take away with you to cafes, during travel or out and about. A sturdy, quality book developed by a mum with love – I highly recommend it as a screen free alternative at home and as an educational tool.”

Sound Adventures Speech Pathology

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