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Busy Books for 2 year olds

Busy Books for 2 year olds

“What Busy Books are best for 2 year olds” is one of our most commonly asked questions.

And rightly so! We as parents want to make sure we are starting off our little ones education on the right foot, teaching them the core basics and fundamentals and teaching them how much fun learning is!

We want our children to learn to enjoy learning, to crave learning, to challenge themselves and grow within themselves at their own pace.  And how great would it be if there was a product that did ALL that?!

Well look no further! We have two of them!

Yes we have two fun Busy Books for 2 year olds! 

Our Colours Shapes Patterns Busy Book is the perfect educational starting point and Busy Book for 2 year olds. Designed on a learning gradient for children 18 months through to 3/4 years of age depending on abilities, this Busy Book will challenge them as they grow. 

Our My Little Farm Busy Book is another fantastic Busy Book for 2 year olds.  This Busy Book combines the fun element of learning all about animals and farms whilst combining the fundamental basics such as counting, letters sounds, basic handwriting and drawing skills.  Also designed on a learning gradient this Busy Book is suitable for 2-4/5 year olds depending on abilities.  

Want to know more? Check out both our Colours Shapes Patterns Busy Book and My Little Farm Busy Book HERE

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