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Hidden extra’s in your Busy Books

Hidden extra’s in your Busy Books

As a Mum of two toddlers I know how busy life can be.  Activities that are quick and easy to set up and pack up are winners in our house.


Busy Books Australia's Busy Books are just that, quick and easy to set up and pack up, with the added bonus of being fun and educational!


A lot of time, effort, thought, attention and care has gone into creating our Busy Books.  Created from our own Busy Book good and bad experiences, we have added in a lot of hidden extras to make your busy life that much easier.


Here's whats included with your printed Busy Books:


  • A large strong spiral bind to ensure all those activities stay in one place.
  • Made from strong durable card and covered with a protective glaze on each page and cut out to protect it from sweaty, wet and dirty little toddlers hands! Just wipe clean each protected page and cut out with a slightly damp cloth if it gets dirty or wet.  
  • Cut outs made from a thicker card stock than the pages of the book to help with damage control.
  • 20mm velcro dots to help those little hands get those cut outs on the right spot.
  • Transparent velcro dots on the activity pages so as not to hinder your child's vision of the activities.
  • Dotted outlines of the cut outs on the opposite page to the activity.  This is where you can put your cut outs when when they are not in use.
  • Each activity page is numbered, and each cut out for that activity has the corresponding activity number on it for ease of putting it back together.
  • Clean, clear images and activities so as not to cause confusion or overwhelm.
  • Each section of the Busy Books are designed so your child can learn on a gradient, with the activities increasing in difficulty as they go through the Busy Book sections.


On top of all the above extras, we have also provided you with a couple of FREE GIFTS!


  1. An EXTRA set of cut outs, for FREE!
  2. A large reusable PVC zip lock bag to hold your extra cut outs, for FREE!
  3. A dry erase marker pen, for FREE with the Alphabet, Numbers and Writing Skills Busy Book.


We hope you and your toddler love our Busy Books as much as we do.  To learn more about our printed Busy Books and the range of skills and abilities your child can gain from them, click here.


Speak soon,


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