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What are Quiet Books?

Quiet Books

What are Quiet Books? 

Busy Books are at times referred to as Quiet Books. 

Many parents search of toys and educational resources that will quietly entertain their children, whilst learning through play, so that parents or carers can get chores or tasks down around the house or out and about, or when tending to younger siblings when they are babies.

Quiet Books, or Busy Books can also be used for quiet time for children during the day instead of napping or before bed to help with winding down.  Quiet Books, or Busy Books can also assist children with calming down as the sorting aspect of Quiet Books, or Busy Books helps with emotional regulation. How amazing is that! 

When children are playing with Quiet Books, or Busy Books on their own they are utilising a different range of skills than if they are working on them with you.  Skills such as cognitive development, problem solving, fine motor skills as well as confidence building and pride.  It is important to give your child space and time to work through some activities on their own so they can develop these skills, challenge themselves and learn how to make decisions on their own.  It doesn’t matter if they make mistakes during this time, its all a learning process for them.

Do you use your Busy Books for quiet time? 

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