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Achieving Engagement in Children, a Psychologist perspective

Children who are capable of identifying and using their strengths are reported to be happier and have increased self-esteem and confidence.  So how do we help achieve engagement?

Fundamental Life Skills and Special Features

Our Busy Books are more than just an activity book, they teach a range of amazing fundamental life skills and have a wide range of special features. 

We Support NDIS

If you have an NDIS package or are working with a plan manager, we can provide you with an invoice for you to provide to NDIS or claim the cost back if you are self managed.   Please check with your Plan Manger that our books fall under your plan.  Our resources are a great way to use funds flexibly to support kids and families.

We are LIVE!

Busy Books Australia is now live and all our awesome Busy Book products are ready to join you and your busy toddler for lots of learning through play fun!

Hidden extra’s in your Busy Books

A lot of time, effort, thought, attention and care has gone into creating our Busy Books.  Created from our own Busy Book good and bad experiences, we have added in a lot of hidden extras to make your busy life that much easier.

Busy Book Benefits for Parents and Caregivers

A Busy Book is such an amazing educational tool for not just toddlers and young children, but parents and caregivers as well.   Parents and caregivers you say!? How are they beneficial to parents and caregivers?!

Printed Busy Book Complimentary Gifts

  We want you and your little one to get the most out of your awesome professionally printed Busy Book as possib...

Learning on a slight gentle gradient

Learning on a slight gentle gradient is important for children and adults alike.  Special one on one time with your child as they learn through play is an amazing bonding experience for you both.

Why are Busy Books so popular?

Busy Books are fast becoming a very popular fun and engaging learning tool for parents around the world.  The bright colours and educational activities draw in toddlers and young children challenging them to improve a wide variety of skills. 

Featured collection

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