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What are Busy Books

What are Busy Books?

 Busy Books are educational activity books for toddlers and young children, allowing them to gain valuable life skills and learn through play.

Busy Books Australia have created professionally printed Busy Books on durable laminate type cello glazed card that can be wiped clean if food or drink is spilt on them or, if a whiteboard marker is used. A strong metal bind holds the pages together, allowing the book to lay flat and pages to be folded back on each other.  Most activities come with velcro cut outs to be matched with images in the activities such as colours, shapes, patterns, alphabet and numbers. 

Our Busy Books activities have been designed on a slight gentle educational gradient, so your child can grow and learn as they progress through the books. The activities are easy to understand and follow, clean, clear and not overwhelming, providing a visually relaxed learning environment.  Our fun and engaging activities provide toddlers and children with achievement and encourage them to want to learn, often asking to play with their Busy Book and spending long periods of time concentrating on the activities. 

From our own personal experience and that of others close to us, we have seen our children gain very valuable life skills, such as improved concentration, excellent hand eye co-ordination, improved focus and control, gained problem solving skills and incase in vocabulary to name a few.  


Busy Books Australia offers you the choice of pre made, quality, educational, professionally printed Busy Books for the busy family, ready for countless hours of learning, delivered to your door. 


For the more creative, we also offer downloadable short activities or the whole Busy Book for you to download, print, laminate and put together yourself.  


Search through our products to find what one suits you, your child and lifestyle the best.


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