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Why are Busy Books so popular?

Why are Busy Books so popular?

Busy Books are fast becoming a very popular fun and engaging learning tool for parents around the world.  The bright colours and educational activities draw in toddlers and young children challenging them to improve a wide variety of skills.  


Busy Books can be used from as young as 2 years old right up to start of school age, depending on the abilities and knowledge of the child.  Parents can enjoy spending quality time with their child, teaching and encouraging them though the various activities until they have gained their confidence and they feel they are ready to work through their Busy Books on their own.


Watch as your child learns colours, shapes, emotions, patterns, the alphabet, basic number and writing skills right in front of you.  Our Busy Books are interactive using velcro cut out pieces to encourage children to think about positioning and location to match the cut outs to the activities.  Not only will they learn these important skills but they will also gain a range of life skills such as;


  • improve their fine motor skills
  • learn focus and control
  • attention to detail
  • improve hand eye coordination
  • gain cognitive development
  • build on their problem solving skills
  • increase vocabulary
  • and an increase in concentration and patience


The excitement and pride your child will experience after completing activities on their own is priceless and such and incredible joy to see. 


Check out our range of Pre Printed Busy Books Here or our Digital Downloadable Busy Books Here.

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