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Jacks Journey - A Case Study

Join us and follow Amy as she documents Jacks Journey over a 2 month period and watch how she encourages, praises and teaches Jack as he works through his Busy Books.

Helping Children Express their Emotions

Teaching your child the skills to express their emotions and communicate their needs is an amazing gift to give them and a very important life skill indeed. 

Emotional Regulation

Emotional regulation is such a huge topic and often it starts with us as adults.  How can we expect our children to regulate and control their emotions if we cant do it ourselves?

Emotional Development in two to five year olds

Between the ages of two to five years old there will be lots of changes as your child moves away from babyhood to being able to manage a lot more on their own. 

Emotional Development in one to two year olds

Between the ages of one to two years old there are a lot of changes as your child moves away from babyhood to being a toddler. Your child will want to to explore their surroundings as this is their safe space to learn new skills.

Spatial Awareness

Every day, we move through and interact with our surroundings. In order to accomplish this, spatial awareness is very important. But what exactly is spatial awareness? Why exactly is spatial awareness important? How can you recognize potential spatial awareness problems? 

Problem Solving

If a child is able to solve problems on their own, they will be happier, more confident and more independent; they will not feel frustrated or disheartened in their inefficiency. 

Attention Span

Childhood development experts generally say that a reasonable attention span to expect of a child is two to three minutes per year of their age. 

Cognitive Development

Just like Motor Development, Cognitive Development is another big subject. It can include attention span, memory skills, problem solving and spatial development

Perceptual Motor Development

Perceptual Motor Skills refer to a child’s developing ability to interact with their environment by combining the use of their senses and motor skills. 

Fine motor development

Fine motor development involve the small muscles of the body that provide movements in areas such as the hands, fingers and eyes. 

What is Gross Motor Development?

We use gross motor skills to do everyday things that involve our large muscles, from exercising to mowing the lawn. Most people use these skills easily and automatically. But gross motor skills are more complex than you might think.

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