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Angie Haywood

Angie Haywood

Angie is the Mumma behind Angie has been an early years educator for 2.5 years ranging from 6 week old babies to pre school age, as well as a School Pastoral Care worker, working with Primary aged children, supporting children through encompassing all areas of Mental Health, wellness, family support and trauma working collaboratively with the school, teachers and families.


Angie began her career working with high risk and vulnerable children and Youth within the community Sector, where she was faced with the long term impacts of various social, psychological, physiological difficulties, trauma, need for early intervention and support and lack of resources. 


Angie holds a qualification in Early Childhood and care, a Bachelor of Applied Social Science, and multiple training qualifications within trauma informed care.


Through this work, Angie developed her passion for early intervention, the importance of play and being able to be creative and flexible in the ways we teach as well as the ways children learn. Angie is a strong advocate for play and working both collaboratively and holistically to support the children to flourish. 


Angie is a Mumma to two beautiful boys, 4 and 2, where she now gets to explore this love and passion for play at home, teaching her boys about the world around them. Their favourite thing to do at home is play! It's where they all connect, spend time as a family, learn about each other and go on the best creative and imaginative adventures.


When Angie is not playing she likes to spend time with family and friends, listening to music, cooking, reading, crocheting.

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