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Brittanny Brymer

Brittanny Brymer

Britt was born and raised in Rockhampton, Queensland with her family - Mum, Dad as well as three sisters and a little brother. In 2011 she packed up her life and moved across the country to Perth, Western Australia to pursue her beach sprinting training. She began her Bachelor Degree of Physiotherapy at The University of Notre Dame in 2012. After graduating, Britt relocated back to the Sunshine state where she worked as a Community Physiotherapist for 2 years.

Britt always had a keen interest in paediatrics, so she decided to pursue her passion by completing additional studies with the Australian Physiotherapy Association and Monash University gaining valuable skills and experience. 
Britt has been fortunate to work alongside many amazing Physiotherapists during her time working at the Department of Education and in Private Practice - giving her a broad range of skills that she uses every day in her own clinic. 

Fast forward to 2019, Britt decided to find her own little feet and that’s how Upside was created. Her first interaction with a young girl with a diagnosis of Down Syndrome made a huge impact on her practice today. She didn’t enjoy the term ‘Down’ (even though the syndrome was named after Dr Down!) but this was why Upside Physiotherapy was created - always finding the upside in every little one! 

Outside of work, you will find Britt chasing a footy around a footy oval, sprinting on the beach or track, drinking coffee or hanging out with her partner Matt and their not so little Labradoodle, Bolt.





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