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Printed Busy Books

Our professionally printed interactive Busy Books have been designed with the curious, playful and boisterous toddler in mind.  The strong large bind holds the fun filled pages together whilst allowing maximum flexibility to fold the pages back over each other. Clear velcro dots help your toddler achieve full visual of the activities and the strong cello glazed pages provide hours of entertainment for your little one.

The objective? Move the fun colourful cut out pieces from the left side of the page to the educational activity on the right side.  Sounds easy enough right? Children love the sound of the velcro, they love the challenge of matching the cut our pieces to the activities, they love learning through play and they love the challenge of our learning gradient.

Our current range of Busy Books includes our Colours, Shapes, Patterns Busy Book, suitable for ages approximately 18 months to 4/5 years old depending on abilities, and our Alphabet, Numbers and Writing Skills Busy Book, suitable for ages approximately 3 - 6/7 years old depending on abilities.  
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