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Welcome to Busy Books Australia

My name is Kylee, I'm a wife and stay at home Mum to two beautiful and energetic toddlers 13 months apart in age.  Keeping the kids entertained all day whilst learning through play has been challenging at times.  As I watched our daughter spending long periods of time engaged with her Busy Book, I wanted to share the joy and education she experienced whilst learning through playing with her Busy Books with others, and Busy Books Australia was born.  

From experience we have seen our daughter gain some impressive new skills in concentration, precision with matching items on top of each other, knowledge of colours, shapes and emotions and recognition of patterns.  These skills were not only being utilised whilst she played with her Busy Book but in every day life.  The gains were noticeable, and we were drawn to making these books available to all.

Some of our friends have seen our daughter playing with her Busy Books, thought it was brilliant and wanted to give it a go for their children too.  They however found it to be time consuming to source the activities, print and put them together.  

Busy Books Australia offers you the choice of pre made quality, educational printed Busy Books for the Busy family, ready for countless hours of learning, delivered to your door.  For the more creative, we also offer downloadable short activities or the whole Busy Book.

Our mission is very simple, to make these books available and affordable for all to enjoy and learn.

Busy Books are made with love, care and attention.  We are confident your family will enjoy, learn and grow with these invaluable tools.


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