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Panel of Experts

Busy Books Australia is dedicated to changing the way our youngest generation learns, and raising the education level and standard. 

As part of our above Mission Statement we have created our Facebook VIP Group, the Busy Books Australia VIP Group. In our VIP Group you will gain access to our Panel of Experts.

What is a Panel of Experts you ask? 

Our Panel of Experts consists of an Occupational Therapist, Speech Therapist and Early Childhood Educator.  The panel regularly changes, adding a new set of experts to the panel, bringing more knowledge and information to our VIP members!  Our objective is to provide you with quality educational content provided by experts who use our Busy Books and to connect you, our valued clients with experts who can assist you while you are on wait lists or who may be able to see you as a client.  

Our experts each provide regular articles on tips, tricks, and industry insider knowledge on how to use your Busy Books to get the most out of them.  This added bonus is fantastic for those who have children on wait lists for therapy, and or those who are after some guidance on how to use your Busy Books. 

Each of our experts use our Busy Books in their practice, with their own children or in their classroom.  Their advice is based off their experience with the Busy Books and they are sharing with you how they personally use our Busy Books to assist their clients and or children. 

For more information on our VIP Group and our Panel of Experts please join our VIP Group by clicking HERE.

For access to our Directory of Experts, please click HERE.

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