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We LOVE receiving feedback and reviews on our products! Hearing about the huge gains that little ones are achieving, at times after just 1 session with their Busy Book, is just unreal! Below are some of the reviews we have received: 
"It has been an absolute pleasure using Busy Books Australia's resources in my OT therapy sessions. They are a perfect addition to my therapy bag to target goals of fine motor, social skills, attention, communication & cognitive skills - all the essential skills required for school! The kids have so much fun that they chant “busy books” & the parents are captivated by all the learning concepts taught by the book. They often ask how we can get this resource through NDIS funding!
As an OT, this has helped my kids to increase their engagement in activities. I use it to model language and extend on theirs. This is also the perfect activity to facilitate their fine motor / bilateral coordination as they NEED to use their helper hand as the Velcro is quite strong ! One of my favourite adaptable activities is hiding the visuals around the room and drawing a treasure map for my 7 y/o client. An awesome way to build spatial awareness, visual perception AND get some movement. Thank you so much. This will benefit parents, teachers, educators and therapists in supporting kids"
- Jessica L - JessThanPerfect_OT, Occupational Therapist
"I love the busy books as a mum of toddlers and as a speech pathologist for a few reasons - it has images that are bright and simple for little learners to recognise, it makes matching, colours, counting, letter sounds and early writing fun. It’s also adaptable for whatever goals you are targeting - can be used for turn taking, requesting and other areas of receptive and expressive language development. It’s also compact and easy to take away with you to cafes, during travel or out and about. A sturdy, quality book developed by a mum with love - I highly recommend it as a screen free alternative at home and as an educational tool."
- Mariah - Sound Adventures Speech Pathology 
"I was really hesitant in buying this - a month in & its by far one of my favourite purchases for my 3yrd old! About to order the other book now!!"
- Fiona S
"The Alphabet, numbers and writing busy book has been great for my daughter. I highly recommend this book especially for a child getting ready for Kindergarten. She really enjoys the content within the book. We sit together and talk about the sounds of the letters which gives her the confidence to complete it. She loves the velcro pieces and talking about each picture. Thank you Busy Books Australia for creating a book to assist my preschooler in her learning and getting ready for Kindergarten."
- Kerin
"We received our Busy Books about a month ago and they have been used every day since! Whether at work (I'm a paediatric Occupational Therapist), or at home by my almost 2 year old!  The books are incredibly well made and the spare pieces are a lifesaver! All of the pieces are also numbered making it super easy to resort them all.  The activities are all so different and fun, and target fine and gross motor skills in a fun way! We have loved using them to teach our little man about colours and he has particularly loved the fish sorting activity.  He has been unwell for probably 3 of the 4 weeks, and these books have been amazing for keeping his spirits up! These books are worth every penny and I would highly recommend them to any parent or paediatric therapist!"
- Molly R, Occupational Therapist    
"Thank you so much for the wonderful tool you have created!   Jett (3.5yrs) has speech and sensory/fine motor skill delay and over the last few weeks having the books, we have seen him engage and focus like never before! He is a very smart kid, just sometimes cant express himself, so seeing him smash his way through all the letters and numbers with such enthusiasm is so beautiful! He gets so excited when we bring the book out, he is happy sitting and working away on his own, then shouts out with joy "Look Mumma, I've done it!!! "  Little brother Bohdi (21 months) loves to get in on the action too! He is an old pro at the colour matching games and shape sorting, calling out "Oval" "Diamond" as he finds their spot on the page!! It's incredible seeing his little mind ticking along!"
- Renee D 
"I gifted one of Busy Book Australia’s bundles to my 5 year old foster/adopted nephew who is being tested for cognitive issues like ADD, ADHD and trauma. He loves his books, they help him focus, build his confidence, help him calm down and give him some independence."
- Janina
"I bought the printed busy books bundle for my autistic grandson - he absolutely loves this, thought gets distracted at times by the velcro (lol).  He is 12 years old but obviously not at the same level as his neuro typical peers.  This visual and tactile mode of learning is perfect for him and his 4 yr old brother loves it too.  Thanks for a great product! I am a primary school teacher of 21 yrs and this has saved me hours of time, by being able to purchase a product already assembled etc. and ready to go. Keep up the great work!"
- Merrill
"We purchased the colours shapes patterns book not long after we bought our second bub home as an activity I could do with my 19 month old while breastfeeding or with full hands. From the moment I introduced the book to Indie, she loved looking at the different pages, shapes and activities and especially loved pulled the pieces off the velcro and resticking them! In the last 2 weeks we have been spending some one on one time together, focusing on the front 3-4 pages. Indie has gone from being guided 99% of the time to where each matching colour is to learning to say and recognise 4 new colours, and being able to match these colours independently majority of the time. I would absolutely recommend these books to your little ones, at just 21 months I am so proud of the progress Indie is making purely from the use of her busy book!"
- Molly B
"My littles have had so much fun with these books! They are absolute gems and I have been recommending them to everyone.  The quality is outstanding and the love and effort put into each page is clearly visible!  My 4 year old and 2 year old have been asking for their buzzzzy books constantly and the progress in both of their educational learning and sensory skills is developing rapidly since receiving.  Go the bundle you will not regret it!" 
- Bec C
"An amazing resource for our little people! These wonderful books are super easy for little fingers to use and whilst learning, they stay engaged for a period of time too! Number one stand out for me is the quality of this product. We have been using for 5 months now, with our children 5 years and 2.5 years. They pull the little Velcro cards off and on and on and off again, and they have not missed a beat. Miss 5 zooms through both books in one sitting and then asks to do them again, whilst Mr 2 will almost get through the colours and shapes book in the same time!
We are constantly asked if they can play with their busy books and I think that is the key to a great product. They actually enjoy them because it is practical for them and they are in charge! They love when we sit and go through the books with them, and ask questions if they need along the way!
We have seen a big increase in vocabulary for our 2 year old, who didn’t say a word until he was 18 months old. He loves that he can use the same resource as his sister and does so well completing most of the activities. He also loves having his sister help him and encourage him. Children have a short attention span and I think having a product that we can keep them still and engaged for half an hour or more is an absolute win! Perfect for rainy cold days and well worth every penny! I only wish I came across this product earlier!  Thank you!!"
- Jess H
“As a mum and a teacher, I highly recommend busy books. These products have been well thought out and designed with children and their parents in mind.
I have a 2yo and a 5yo. My 2yo loves the colours, shapes and patterns books as she is discovering colours and shapes in her environment. The Velcro pieces make it an interactive experience for her. She can celebrate her achievements, correct her errors and promotes language use. My 5yo uses both books and now he is in Kindergarten, he is using the books to consolidate his learning and share his new skills with his family.
As a teacher in NSW, I’m so happy that Busy Books have included foundation font avoiding confusion for students. These books covers lots of the English and Mathematics (with sneaky science and pd/h activities) curriculum content areas, including lowercase and uppercase letters, numbers up to 10 & 30, missing numbers, sorting objects, time, patterns, fractions, area, adjectives, pre writing and formation activities, 2D shapes and 3D objects. Wow! I would definitely use this resource with students who require additional support.”
- Manda
"Our Busy Books have been a huge game changer since we received them 6 weeks ago! In this short time we've seen so much positive change in our 4yo James - improvement in concentration, problem solving skills, recognition of both upper and lower case letters and their sounds, even grip strength and stability with the pen. The biggest wow for me though is his eagerness to do it! I usually have to suggest 'quiet time' activities and we generally don't get long out of crafts or colouring, so when James asks to do his Busy Books (and sits for 30 minutes at a time completing the different pages) it makes my heart swell! Highly recommend for toddler and pre-school children!" - December 2020
“James has honestly (mostly) outgrown it now. He's in school and is smashing it, he's already writing sentences and doing level 2 readers. At our parent teacher meeting in week 10 his teacher said we should be so proud of how much knowledge he had coming in and how his pen grip and understanding of letters and sounds was amazing. I give a LOT of that credit to your busy books. In saying that he still picks them up and plays with them, he loves doing some of the pages on repeat!” April 2021
- Amy P
"I purchased the bundle set in the last week of my pregnancy with my 4th, knowing that they would be a great activity to entertain my three other little ones (aged 2, 3.5, and 5) and they have been such a perfect set! The books have been a great addition to our "quiet time" set ups- perfect for when I am breastfeeding the newest addition, or working on reading with my 5 year old, or prepping dinner, hanging out washing etc as they are "user friendly" in that the kids don't need me telling them what to do for each activity, they can find the particular page/activity that best suits their interest that day, they can work together, and I know that they are working on lots of skills while playing together. I would definitely recommend the bundle set to other families to engage in learning while playing."
 - Bridget
"Every day Arlo asks me to get out his Busy book. His favourite activities are making the colour car to its right garage. For a wheel obsessed toddler, he is really living the dream.  In the few short weeks that we have had our Busy Books Arlos concentration and focus has improved massively. He engages with the busy book for 15mins (uninterrupted). And that’s a massive record for us."
- Kara of Our Tiny Moments 
"I purchased this product a little while ago for my 2.5 yr old son. Not long after we received our Busy Book, we had a solid 2 weeks of rain, and our town was cut off by flood water. I honestly don’t know what I would have done without our busy book to keep Teddy occupied! And not only is he having heaps of fun ripping and sticking the Velcro pieces, he is learning valuable skills in a super fun way. Thank you so much for creating such an amazing product!"
 - Jade
"She's still loving it, she actually took it from the bookshelf yesterday and was using it.  Smashing the colours, shapes and patterns book so quickly.  Tried the alphabet and numbers book too but might be still a bit difficult for her, loving the clock though." (feedback after 9 months of owning the Busy Books)
"My other Mums friends actually notices how my daughter is so good with her shapes, colours and the sizes.  She's starting to use more of the alphabet book now too.  I keep it in reach on a bookshelf where she can reach it.  I usually ask her what she wants to do during the day and she grabs it and gives it to me so we can do it together or sometimes she just starts doing it on her own.  She can go for an hour or two sometimes just going through them which is actually convenient when I'm busy nursing or getting my 4 month old to sleep."  (feedback after 6 months of owning the Busy Books)
"My 2 y/o daughter loves her Busy Books so much, as soon as we received and opened it, she started going through it. Love that they’re learning a lot at the same time enjoying the activities. Highly recommend getting this for your toddlers." (feeback after 2 months of owning the Busy Books
- Sarah V 
"We absolutely LOVE our Busy Books the boys don't even realise that they are learning - they think they are playing with some cool books full of games.  They are perfect for toddlers and young children with a wide range of skills and abilities, including those with learning and sensory challenges.  Both my boys have been playing with them non stop, I am noticing how much they are taking in (Jett keeps pointing out everything that is Large, Medium and Small 🤣!) and I love that it is a progression of their learning."
- Krysti of The Bored Toddler

"The girls are so excited for their brother going to big school. However the want in too. They keep asking me to do homework.  The Busy Books are an absolute dream for any Mama that wants to take 10-15 for herself while the littles ones are occupied. Or are great for you to spend some time with the kiddies interacting with them and watching their little minds tick over. We have the “Colours + Shapes” + the “ABC + Numbers” Books. I was quite surprised how much Lottie (my 2 year old) knew how to interact and match up the velcro cards. Clever little cookie. Winter Rose is in her element too! I have shared some stories to so you can see the girls in action."
- Alice of Alice in Healthy Land
"We ordered your bundle last week and it arrived yesterday.  My 4 year old has NOT STOPPED playing with them since and has completed both books twice already.  We absolutely love these books and they are so much fun and so educational. Repetition is key and I just think you have nailed this product! Well done Mamma!! Can't wait to see what else you come up with in the future, we will be first in line to purchase."
- Tiani 
"I purchased this product a little while ago for my 2.5 yr old son.  Not long after we received our Busy Book, we had a solid 2 weeks of rain, and our town was cut off by flood water. I honestly don’t know what I would have done without our busy book to keep Teddy occupied!  And not only is he having heaps of fun ripping and sticking the Velcro pieces, he is learning valuable skills in a super fun way.
Thank you so much for creating such an amazing product!"
- Jade 
"Teaching is my passion. Instilling a life long LOVE of learning is my goal.These books will literally blow you away.  Professionally printed, spiral bounded, spare pieces included and every single piece is numbered!  We've used them at home, at cafes and while waiting for siblings at after school activities.They're so versatile, tactile and engaging that the kids ask for them!  They ASK to learn.  So if that's not a win in itself I don't know what is!"
- Steph
"My 18 month old daughter loves her Busy Books. I love watching her trying to figure things out. It's also a helpful tool for me to encourage learning in a fun way. I would definitely recommend these books for your little ones."
- Laura
"It has been so amazing having our Busy Books.  As a teacher this is always an activity that I thought id set up myself for my girls but I have never had the time. The books are great with all the pieces numbered so you know which page they belong too and a really sticky Velcro so they don't fall out. When we first got the books I showed them to Thea my 4 year old and she was so excited. She started the colours, shapes and patterns book and was powering through. I was worried was going to be too easy. However, nearer the end, there were pages for patterns and sequences which definitely slowed her down a bit and is something we've continued to work with. The Alphabet, numbers and writing skills has also been great for her to help with basic school readiness, such as finding the missing number and tracing shapes and letters.  The great thing about these books is that my 20 month old, has been able to get involved with colour recognition as well!  They are such a great activity to have when your out and about to keep the kids occupied!  Highly recommended!!!"
- Gemma
"James loves his Busy Books.  They are so easy for him to work with and he is enjoying himself while learning.  Definitely a great investment. Thanks"
- Emma B
"Just wanted to thank and Commend Busy Books for such a great learning resource!  We jumped in and ordered colours, shapes and patterns when my 18month old showed interest in puzzles.  The book was hand delivered and we were quick to jump right in.  We started off slow learning 2 activities involving colours. I noticed within the week that he had more precision on matching colours and shapes. We currently can match all our colours by sight, we are working towards names but we have most of them! The book itself is sturdy and made with toddlers in mind (You can tell a Mum come up with the design) , large spiral binder makes it easy for him to turn pages by himself with out ripping them out (like others iv now had to bin). I also love the spare bag of cut outs ( yes they are 100% cut of ready to go)! Also the Velcro wow that stuff is never coming off the page! FANTASTIC!  We play with our busy book every second day as apart of my time I spend with my sons learning, it’s a great rotation to have as well as our puzzles and flash cards! I do find how ever he engages for a solid 10/15 minutes with the book compared to 5/10 with puzzles. I think this is because of the options and he lets me know when he wants to move onto the next activity.... once a puzzle is done... well it’s done Isn’t it!  Since starting our books he can clearly identify colours, I can ask him to get me a red shirt and he will return with the correct colour, and just now as I’m writing this he is self learning and has shown me a car and is making brrrrooomm sounds, his never done this with a picture before.  Thinking about how to finish this review, but nothin more needs to be said other than We love it!  I can’t wait for the new books to launch and to move onto the next book when we are ready."
- Skye N
"With so many ways to use these fantastic resources I would run out of room listing them! I highly recommend everyone has a set regardless of what stage your children are at with learning and development. We have so much fun learning through play or guided activities, the fun changes every time we pick up our books, we are loving our Busy Books." (review in October 2020)
"Thank you for creating such a diverse resource for us to enjoy in so many ways, we look forward to seeing where our Busy Books Australia books take us on Reefs learning journey next.  (Ps I really wanted to add to anyone wondering, we are really impressed with the quality and functionality too, easy to clean and not one velcro dot has even come close to peeling off!!) (review in May 2021)
- Alies T
"These busy books are amazing!  I love that some pages are simple and some are a little challenging which gives my toddler room for growth. The books also have a second set of the puzzle which is great as we all know toddlers misplace everything. Highly recommend, will definitely purchase if a new / different book becomes available."
- Kubra A
"So, I've been waiting to write my review of our Busy Book until I could get a good shot of my almost 3 year old using it, where she is wearing a cute outfit and her hair doesn't look like a bird's nest and the room is somewhat tidy... But I've decided that those stars will never align!  Which is one of the reasons I love the Busy Book! I can sit near my daughter and talk her through the activities while I breastfeed my baby, fold nappies, write a message or heck just drink a cup of tea! She loves it, often understands the activity without much explanation (or any at all!), and feels good about herself because she knows she's doing a good job. She enjoys having the ability to choose which activity she is going to do next, and although she has her favourites (emotions and vehicles!) she almost always tries an activity she hasn't done yet. We have had the book for over two months and she still hasn't gotten bored of it! Well done Busy Books Australia for creating something I didn't even know we needed"
- Sara M
"I got the printed book of colours, shapes & patterns. It is really useful for my boy. He enjoys it a lot. I am so happy seeing him doing it independently. Thanks."
- Srimythili
"We bought this and our daughter loves it! Brilliant product. 100% customer satisfaction"
- Allison J
"My son has these and loves them! Best Busy Books I've found for sure and the service is fantastic"
- Shaylee I
"My 2.5yo loves her Busy Books and so do I! I love the quality of the books at such a great price and love how they stimulate her young mind and keep her entertained, especially while I juggle a 7mo as well. Highly recommended!"
- Bianca
"Cayson loves the peel and stick it makes the learning part more fun. Visual pictures are also great and big bright colours :) something new and exciting! We will definitely be getting the next book."
- Kate
"These Busy Books are so great!!!! Already Alaska seems so engaged in finally learning her colours!!!  (she hates learning her colours - no idea why) she loves her busy book so much!"
- Mary
"We planned to pick up our Busy Books Australia for a weekend away & it kept all the kids busy while in the car & when we were at the cabin indoors. There’s loads of fun things to do while learning at the same time. What We Love about this product ~  We love supporting new start up’s & Women in Business, Mum’s, Completely Australian, Educational, Quality Product, Easy Purchase & that our Kids really Enjoyed it!! Thank You Busy Books Australia, we are looking forward to more of your products!"
- Renay
"My friend just bought these books for my 2 year old daughter who loves craft, and shapes and colours.. and I am beyond amazed at the quality and even the idea am  amazed and my daughter absolutely loves them !! They do get a little hard after the first half of the book although over time she will master it I’m sure xx oh and the clever idea of having spares in the bags, just too good !! Thank you busy books my 2 year old is obsessed xx your creation is one of the best ideas I’ve come across. Thank you!"
- Sabine
"We ABSOLUTELY LOVE our busy book bundle. We now include in our nightly wind-down routine. After dinner and bath, our 3 year old chooses his pages to do. Its that final bit of mental stimulation/exertion before books and bed. Love it!! my husband and I are both teachers and think this is a brilliant concept and very well made product. Well done to you."
- Alyce
"Luccca normally has the worst attention span I have tried for so long to sit and get him to do stuff like this he normally gives up and says its to hard and chucks a tantrum when I have tried before with learning books from kmart but tonight was amazing he sat there for 2 hrs playing around  with his busy book and I had to pry him away for a bath so so happy I will be buying one for my nephew tomorrow."
- Crystal 
"Azariah is 3 & 1/2 and was so excited to get his very special parcel from busy books today.  Azariah struggles with his attention span and sitting still, but he has been occupied all afternoon and feels so special that it's all for him."
"A few weeks since receiving our busy book and Azariah is still working with it. Keeping him busy and as still as 3 year old can be.  He loves tracing the shapes and is improving all the time. We are so proud of him, and we love our busy book."
- Laura
"Highly recommend busy books Australia, the quality of the books are extremely high and my children love the educational activities. I’m very impressed they come with a free set of extra cut outs and marker."
- Lara
"Absolutely obsessed with these books have already purchased 2 sets of them and will continue to purchase as gifts and for my daughter."
- Shamila
"It was terrific resources, all my children in the preschool room they love to engage the Busy Printed Book activity not only the additional need child. It was a beautiful book and a different category. Love this book."
- Connie L
"Big thanks to Busy Books Australia for our new books our daycare children love them!"
- Little Farmers Family Day Care, Western Australia
"These Busy Books are awesome! I bought the bundle for my 2 and 3 year old grandchildren and would consider them one of the best purchases as they are fun and educational. Highly recommend."
- Carolyn-Ann
"Received the books today. I feel like someone sent a gift for me, how the packaging has been done with love. The quality of the books are excellent. Want to buy more products from them."
- Amatun M
"We’ve used our busy books with our son and they have been so helpful. We (along with his speech therapist) have seen a noticeable increase in his ability to understand emotions which he previously has had difficulty with. He loves to play with them and it provides me with uninterrupted time to myself."
- Misti V
"We love our busy book! My 2 year old has been playing with this for the past 3 months. Every time he plays with it I can see him improving his skills with learning colours, names of things and numbers. I love that there is so much potential for development and that the activities get progressively harder to keep them busy and learning."
- Sarah K
" So happy someone made a book like this. My 3 year old is excited to complete it since we purchased it. It’s one on one time too so she’s happy to have the attention. Love it."
- Paula K
Have you purchased a Busy Book recently? Please let us know how your little one went with it and what your thought of it.  You can do this on our Facebook page, on the product page of our website or send me an email at
I look forward to reading your review.
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