Alphabet, Numbers and Writing Skills Digital Download Busy Book

Alphabet | Numbers | Writing Skills | Digital Download | Busy Book


Feeling really creative!?


This digital download gives you the freedom to print, cut, laminate and bind the whole book yourself or use each activity individually over time.  

Our digital downloadable Busy Books have been described to us as Magic.  Feedback we receive on our Busy Books has been that they hold little ones attention and keep them engaged for long periods of time, learning through play. Designed on a learning gradient, our Busy Books challenge little ones from the moment they open their Busy Books and continue to challenge them as they grow, keeping them coming back to them for months, even years.  

Our large A4 interactive Busy Books have been designed with the curious, playful and boisterous toddler in mind.  More than just a book, they are interactive activity books with numerous Velcro pieces to peel off and stick onto 20 fun and educational activities per book, learning topics such as Alphabet, Numbers and Writing Skills.

The objective? Move the fun colourful cut out pieces from the left side of the page to the educational activity on the right side.  Sounds easy enough right? Children love the sound of the velcro, they love the challenge of matching the cut our pieces to the activities, they love learning through play and they love the challenge of our learning gradient.

Want more? 

As they are playing and learning they are also developing amazing fundamental life skills such as:

💫 cognitive development,

💫 problem solving skills,

💫 vocabulary, 

💫 fine motor skills, 

💫 hand eye coordination,

💫 concentration

💫 patience and emotional development to name a few 

Our digital Busy Book Bundle includes our Colours, Shapes, Patterns Busy Book, suitable for ages approximately 18 months to 4/5 years old depending on abilities, and our Alphabet, Numbers and Writing Skills Busy Book, suitable for ages approximately 3 - 6/7 years old depending on abilities.  

As our Busy Books have been designed on a learning gradient, please don’t expect your little one to complete their Busy Books the day, week, or even the month they receive them, they are designed to challenge them over time and keep them engaged and learning through play.  


Our Busy Books can be enjoyed by your little on on their own, to receive the best outcome we encourage one on one bonding and learning time with carers observing and guiding little ones when needed.


Still want more?


Our beautiful books are full of a range of special features that have been developed and included to make your busy life easier, and your toddlers learning smoother. These features include:


✅ Fun educational activities that increase in learning difficulty as you proceed through each section.

✅ Clean and clear activities, developed so as to not overwhelm your little one with too much going on.


✅ Each activity page is numbered, and each set of matching activity cut outs also is numbered with the corresponding number, to help make tidying up easier. 


✅ Busy Books VIP Group on Facebook, Busy Books Australia VIP Facebook Group, an educational parenting community filled with interesting articles on your little ones development and where you can swap and share your additional cut outs with other like minded parents and caregivers.

Our Busy Books can be found all around Australia in homes, day cares, schools, speech and occupational therapists offices and special schools. Suitable for little ones of all abilities, our Busy Books are also a great tool for those toddlers and / or children who are on the Autism Spectrum, those who have sensory processing difficulty, special needs, learning difficulties, behavioural and other developmental challenges.


If you are looking to give your child a head start in educational and life fundamental skills these Busy Books are for you. 



NOTE:  This is a DIGITAL PRODUCT which you can print at home or at your local print or stationary shop where they can print and laminate it for you.   Alternatively if you do not wish to laminate each page you can place them in a plastic sleeve in a folder so you can reuse them and wipe them clean. Please be aware that additional costs can apply after download, such as print, laminate, velcro dots and binding.  DIY not for you?  Check out our Printed ready to ship and play Busy Books where all the hard work is done for you